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Re: Who was the Worst American President?
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I had forgotten that statement of Nixon.  Yeah--hard to top that one.
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Re: Who was the Worst American President?
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If you tried to write a political thriller in which a fictional president did all the stuff Nixon did, you'd never get it published because no one could suspend disbelief long enough to finish reading it.  Yes, Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency -- partly in response to the then-new environmental movement, and partly so he could use it to extort "donations" from industries for his '72 re-election campaign.  Yes, Nixon normalized relations with China -- not for the sake of the relationship, but to pressure Russia.

I have long thought that the most chilling thing about the Nixon view of the world (or more appropriately, the Nixon-Kissinger view) is how utterly, utterly dehumanizing it is.  It wasn't that people were pawns to him/them -- entire nations were pawns, and the citizenry was not worth even the briefest consideration.
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Re: Who was the Worst American President?
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Ronald Reagan, hands-down. If it weren't for Reagan, there never would have been the Bush dynasty.

Reagan was also the worst Hollywood actor ever.
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