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The staff have decided to setup a public ban log.

This is where they will be posted with username and reason.

I banned Robert04330 because he had deleted over 10 topics during a short period in which my permission settings were incorrect in the jacuzzi group.

His ban is permanent

Frosty has been banned for 14 days for not complying to a moderator directive (1 week ban) and for sending a mate of him over here to troll the forum (1 week more).

Split the topic after Nam's post. This topic is only for ban announcements and will be accessible by mods and admins only.
Members are welcome to post their comments and suggestions in the "Staff Bans/Logs - Suggestions" thread.

Jason Harvestdancer:

Abusive proselytizer

I don't mind letting you guys have a chewtoy, in fact I think it is good.  But this guy was nothing but abusive.  Probably a Frosty sock, he did claim Frosty sent him.


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