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"Requiescat in pace" documentary project
« on: September 09, 2013, 04:05:21 AM »
Hey everyone,

I wrote a script for a feature length documentary about the world's biggest religions over the last winter break and we started shooting it in Spring. Now we are on break because of the high temperatures and humidity in Japan and also because we are low on funds required to finish it.

We have an indiegogo campaign going, the link is below with more information there. I am seeking help to finish the documentary but I would be equally happy if you shared this link with your friends and so forth... If you can't contribute, no sweat! But you might share it on facebook or something and then your friends contribute. Either way, I'm happy if people just get to watch it when it's edited. I am also not selling the film, the idea was always to put it out for free on Youtube.

It's a well-researched script and inspired by Bill Maher's Religulous. But in my opinion we have gone much farther than he did in his movie. We didn't stray off topic and we illustrate every point with multiple examples from other sources, i.e. comedy shows, mass, TV.

Thanks in advance and shoot any questions you may have. Sorry if I don't reply right away, there's a lot going on here! ... /x/4573661



Re: "Requiescat in pace" documentary project
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Is that Italian you're using in the picture, or Latin? Because "Requiescat in Pace" is from the Latin, but the rest of it seems to be in machine-translated Italian.

Also, if you are commanding someone to rest in peace, rather than wishing that they do so, the word would be "Requiesce". If you wish, I can help with your Latin work.

That aside, I'll see if I can contribute. Will the finished film have English subtitles?
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Re: "Requiescat in pace" documentary project
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The first part is in Italian, not sure about the Requiescat in Pace.  :-s  Should be an interesting movie to watch.  :)  Solitary
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Re: "Requiescat in pace" documentary project
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@Graceless: I've actually talked about this with an Italian man, the proverb is from old Latin indeed. Proverbs are proverbs, they don't change over time. The meaning of Requiescat is correct in the sense that I wish religion rests in peace. Regarding subtitles, I haven't thought about it. Subtitling the host is easy work but subtitling the various videos that illustrate my points might be difficult. Especially those pastors that speak 1000 words a second.

@Solitary: Thanks a lot! Still a lot of work to do at the moment.

Re: "Requiescat in pace" documentary project
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BTW, for all those who want to keep track of the project, there's a facebook page with the same title. If you try but can't find it, PM me.

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Made a quick clip to announce that we are restarting production following a very hot summer in Japan!


Sorry about the slightly blinking airplane as well as Venezia. It's actually a Youtube encoding error.

Re: "Requiescat in pace" documentary project
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We're back from Venice. Shot many nice things especially at Piazza San Marco.

We also resumed shooting back in Japan.

Feel free to join our project page on facebook: ... 8789128133

Once there, you can find out how you can help us via Indiegogo.

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