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Well, here it is again! Let's talk about anime! :D


I have been going anime crazy lately. I have been watching so much netflix that I expended everything worth watching until I remembered that there is a whole section for anime. SO MUCH YES to this thread.

I'll just list a few I watched with a quick summary...

Rosario + Vampire - AWESOME (I really liked the Ice girl, Mizore... probably because she was like a mix between sub-zero from mortal kombat and Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club... whick are my favorite characters in each)

Kaze No Stigma -Also awesome. Kind of like a japanese magic mafia thing going on in the story with all the family rivalries.

Angel Beats! - Also Awesome... but more depressing than the ending for Toy Story 3 and that feeling lasts for at least half the season. I cried. I am a grown man and I will admit it. Beautifully written though, really well done.

Elfen Lied - Pretty good... I didn't realize it was a horror anime going in though and it was also really depressing... but not in a hopeful way that Angel Beats! was. I'm not really in to that blood and gore stuff. I got nauseous through a good part of it. Also really well written though and if you like horror animes I recommend it.

My manga reading list has dwindled from a burgeoning weekly checklist to "The Breaker," and the possibly empty promise that I will one day find my place in Claymore and Hajime no Ippo.


La Dolce Vita:
Any of you guys seen The Garden of Words yet? Incredibly beautiful - both visually and emotionally - drama that's just 46 minutes long. It's by Makoto Shinkai, the guy who did 5 Centimeters Per Second, The Place Promised in Our Early Days and Children Who Chase Lost Voices. If you've seen any of those you know how amazing is films always look. There's nothing like it.

Currently watching Deadman Wonderland.


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