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Bring Back the Firing Squads

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--- Quote ---Frustrated by the lack of drugs available to carry out lethal injections in their state, South Carolina lawmakers are on the cusp of a controversial solution: forcing death row inmates to face the electric chair or firing squad when lethal injection is not possible.

A bill proposing that change, approved by the State House this week, appears almost certain to become law in the next few days, and is being lauded by Republicans, including Gov. Henry McMaster, who have been vexed by pharmaceutical companies’ refusal to sell states the drugs needed to carry out lethal injections. The lack of drugs, they say, is a key reason South Carolina has not executed anyone in 10 years.

Opponents are appalled by the bill, which would make South Carolina the fourth state — along with Mississippi, Oklahoma and Utah — in which death by firing squad is an option for the condemned.

“Why would South Carolina move toward the firing squad when they also do that in North Korea?” State Representative Justin Bamberg, a Democrat, said in an interview on Thursday.
--- End quote ---
The Electric Chair turned out not to be the end all be all of execution technology.  I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.  Not having experienced either, I don't think the firing squad would be any worse. 

Lethal injection sounds more humane but it can be too easily botched, which is why the drug companies won't sell South Carolina the stuff.  I don't know who came up with the injection technology.  The executioner pushes the first button, then the second, and then the third, a fourth???  Each injecting a different chemical. 

I don't want to compare apples and oranges, but when I put my dog down, the vet gave him one shot of barbiturate. I held my dogs head, and a second later he collapsed letting out one final breath of air, and he was dead.

But I guess for humans, it requires a lot of fal-der-rahl, walking the guy down the hall, reading the Bible to him, taking into a special room, lashing him down to the gurney, opening the curtains so everyone can watch, some guy with the correct time tells them when to start pushing the buttons dispensing the chemicals, which had been switched out of the correct order by some prison guard that had a personal grudge against the guilty.

They've got a doctor, the warden, a few guards, the button pusher, and a priest, everyone wanting a piece of the action.

Regression is the way of the future.


--- Quote ---Republicans, including Gov. Henry McMaster, who have been vexed by pharmaceutical companies’ refusal to sell states the drugs needed to carry out lethal injections.
--- End quote ---
Gee, I wonder why pharmaceutical companies would not want to be associated with death?  Hell of a brand image.  And in some cases, it's actual murder.  People sitting on death row for years and then getting exonerated by DNA evidence or some other reason.  What company would want to be associated with that?!

Yeah, I thought about that.  Drug companies are more likely to react to social pressure than the needs of execution chambers, and I doubt that they sold enough of those drugs to make that much profit, anyway.  It's kind of a no brainer in the board room.

Yeah, the stupid of all this is...well...stupid. There are probably a half dozen “pills” that can be dissolved into a meal...un-noticeable...and they wake up dead. For fucks sake..this is easy. Fuck man...put me in charge....which is to say..I am not killing people unless you have 100% absolute proof...but then...sayonara.


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