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In Florida, filming a cop can get you arrested

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--- Quote ---Taking smartphone videos of cops in public could shine a light on police misconduct — but it also could land you behind bars.

A divided Florida appeals court ruling on Wednesday upheld the arrest of a woman who filmed officers outside a movie theater.
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--- Quote ---Officers had the authority to arrest a young mother named Tasha Ford who recorded them detaining her teenage son in 2009, based on a 2-1 opinion by judges at the 4th District Court of Appeal.
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--- Quote ---Officers said they gave repeated orders for her to stop using the camera without their permission, as it was interfering with the investigation of the teen accused of sneaking into a theater.

Lawyers for the officers argued Ford invaded their privacy, justifying the charges of intercepting oral communications and obstruction without violence.
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--- Quote ---But Judge Martha C. Warner, in a lengthy dissent, wrote that the mom did nothing wrong and police should have no “reasonable” expectation of privacy in public places.

The judge warned that shielding cops from view would mean “everyone who pulls out a cellphone to record an interaction with police, whether as a bystander, a witness, or a suspect, is committing a crime.”
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Three guesses as to the racial identity of the arrested woman.  I really hope this wasn't a significant factor in this decision, but I very much doubt the ruling would be the same if it was a white millionaire.

Also, this sets a hell of a precedent.  We all know that a lot of truly despicable crimes were only ever investigated because of cellphone footage of the crime.  And even then, it's a tricky thing to get any accountability whatsoever.  If this court ruling becomes a normal thing, kiss your rights goodbye.  Police would have free reign to do whatever they want to you without public backlash because there's no hard evidence that they ever did anything wrong.

Fucking Florida strikes again. Always setting new records in stupidity.

I give it 4 months until Texas decides it wants it too.

WTF, 90% of any city is under surveillance cameras 24/7. Arresting someone is a private act? Bullshit.


--- Quote from: Cassia on May 06, 2021, 07:18:15 PM ---WTF, 90% of any city is under surveillance cameras 24/7. Arresting someone is a private act? Bullshit.
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IKR?  They have cameras on McDonald's workers at their workplace.  Yet police - entrusted with vastly more responsibilities - are suspiciously resistant to being filmed.  If they're protecting and serving as public officials in a public area, being filmed should be no problem.  If anything, it's documenting their heroism.  And if it's one of those rare bad apples, then they're tarnishing the badge and good cops should have no problem giving them the boot.  Odd this isn't the normal reaction.


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