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Tariq Nasheed's "Buck Breaking" will be fucking hilarious

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arch warmonger:

What it'll be about, from what I could gather from other "buck breaking" media Tariq has put out:

* There was a practice among white southern slaveowners called "buck breaking" whereby the white men would rape black male slaves in order to humiliate them and reduce the respect other slaves had for them.
* There was in fact a vast infrastructure dedicated to this, to the point of creating plantations in the Caribbeans specifically for this nefarious purpose.
* LGBT is a conspiracy on the part of white people to emasculate black Americans (or as Tariq "Grifter" Nasheed would put it, foundational black Americans) and discourage reproduction. Because of this, LGBT could be considered a postmodern form of "buck breaking".
Of course there is 0 documentation for any of this outside of their weird little circle, but that never stopped them.

An older video in the same strain interviewing the same people.

What is it with black grievance writers and these kind of lurid, improbable fantasies? If you've ever read "Beloved" by Toni Morrison you'd realize that it's less of an award winning book as most people would see it and more of a piece of weirdo mommy porn. There's 0 documentary evidence for any of the crazy shit these blacks I mean FOUNDATIONAL BLACK AMERICANS write but again, that doesn't stop them from writing the craziest, filthiest shit and trying to pass it off as history.

Rape has been used as punishment and as a control medium in every human culture since it's existed. It's also a medium of torture.

Male rape is everywhere. It's a taboo. It's far less spoken than female and child rape. Doesn't matter in what context...historical or not. From prisons to military... And 'buck breaking' is not some woke concept. It's ancient. And it is about crushing 'masculinity' in a traditional sense because it is the traditional 'power'. Men get raped in wars for many reasons all the time. Soldiers are forced to rape each other as a form of torture when captured. It's about 'stripping' them from their manhood.

In some primtive tribes, a similar version of 'buck breaking' was done to teenage boys by old men, so they wouldn't try to gain power for themselves, divide the tribe.

During Bosnian Genocide, thousands of males were raped as torture. (Besides the male genocide.) The aim was crushing the society through individuals, from family unit because obviously those men couldn't have their families back. So this is the picture in the end of the 20th century.

But some film producer's bigotry on LGBTQ+ is the evidence against the idea of a systematic rape of male slaves over a hundred years ago and before during slavery? Slavery? Esp. in the Caribbean where slaves outnumbered white people? And your reasoning is...they have tortured them, killed them at will, lynched them on the spot to punish... they have done everything to crush these people to control them, but hey they haven't thought of systematic rape of males because there is no evidence for places to built to do this (?), and oh it is so filthy and crazy? 

Or is it just something like 'men don't get raped, bro' as it sounds equally moronic.

Isn't Tariq the fuckstain that humiliated the hotel worker into a mental breakdown then posted the video online? If it is, the only video of his I am interested in watching is his trial and conviction for hate crimes.

If evidence is provided, I would not be all that surprised, given colonial history. For every single act of unsolicited human kindness there seems to be two hateful acts often motivated by fear. Most of this hate was bragged about in journals and newsprint. This sort of thing would have not be recorded, however.

arch warmonger:
Here's a sampling of some of the deranged, unbelievable, pornographic shit from from Toni Morrison's "Beloved", basically the arch STUNNING AND BRAVE BLACK WOMAN NARRATIVE. This shit won a Pulitzer Prize.

Sethe, as the only female slave on the plantation, chooses a man to be her husband. Every other male slave takes to fucking animals on their wedding night.

Sethe wants a gravestone for her dead daughter, but is unable to pay, and so gets the gravestone maker's help by having sex with him while his son watches from the bushes.

Sethe tries to escape, is caught, and since she's lactating, the master's men punish her by sucking the milk out of her boobs.


The extreme nature of the events described plus the total lack of any real documentary evidence puts Buck Breaking in basically the same category as Beloved, at least for me.


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