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What do you do?

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Been wondering what everyone here does or did for a living.

Guess I've thinking about it because I got promoted to head social assistant nearly a year ago. I like the new job and I think I'm good at it. But I do miss my old position.
It's lonelier being the head of a team. A lot more draining to. It has great challenges and the added pay are nice though.
I think all in all the benefits outway the negatives. But I get nostalgic from time to time. I guess also because my last job was also my first.

Mike Cl:
I've had a couple of careers I guess I could say.  My major career was as a teacher.  I taught in alternative ed for 4 years and then taught inside a juvenile hall for almost 40 years.  I started my working life as a soldier in the Army right out of college--yeah, I was drafted.  After 3 years I was discharged.  Then about 10 years later was talked into joining the CA National Guard; was in for 3 and then transferred to the Army active reserve for 7 more years.  Now I'm retired and do my computer and the entire back yard (we have a corner lot so we have a huge back yard) is an organic garden.  Busy, busy, busy, but only when I want to be.

Congratulations on your promotion, Mr. Obvious!

I'm a licensed mental health counselor and I've worked in crisis services for the past 27 years. I work at a 24-hour behavioral health crisis center and evaluate people who come in, either on their own or with law enforcement, who are experiencing a mental health crisis. I also see people in crisis at local emergency departments via telehealth. I enjoy my job because I talk to people of every age and every background with all different kinds of problems. I may see a family whose child is acting out, then a man who police picked up running down the road naked and high on drugs, then a college student who is suicidal because her boyfriend ended their relationship, then an elderly woman who is experiencing confusion. I like working three 12-hour shifts rather than the typical weekday 9-to-5. I also enjoy working with a team of doctors, nurses, and other counselors.

Sounds exhausting GSO.

We also see a lot more and a lot heavier mental health problems in our clients, these past few months. Corona isolation got everyone experiencing more anxiety and the likes. Had a client that ended her own life, a month after I took the new position, for example. (not that I think that was the reason why.)
Heavy stuff my dude. Hope you take the time you need for yourself as well.

Teacher and school counselor.  I've been retired long enough that these are no longer an identity that mean anything to me.  Just a part of a distant past.


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