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Hey, we ask that you first introduce yourself before posting external links. Additionally we ask that you don't spam, which this post looks exactly like the 10,851 similar posts we have received that don't really say anything.

You're more than welcome to stay if you actually intend to introduce yourself, be a part of our community and engage in dialog, but otherwise it's probably best if you move on. We don't mind differing opinions, but they need to be presented in good faith and not just as drive-by spam.

We aren't going to be convinced by what looks like copypasta and an hour worth of YouTube videos shared by a stranger we don't know to a channel we don't know, and it will save everyone a bunch of time and unnecessary negativity. -Shiranu

I'm going to assume that just about any other moderator would have banned you already, and not just here but on any forum (of any topic) you busted into, ignored the rules for new posters, posted CopyPasta that doesn't even present an opinion to dissent about but is just a steaming pile of gibberish, and then when informed of the rules that everyone, atheists included, are expected to follow and asked kindly to follow them you just throw insults at the forum.

If I couldn't tolerate you, you would have been banned instantly with no explanation required, and I certainly would have banned you after you spit in my face when asked to follow forum rules. Instead i'm trying to get you to realize that even if you had the most enlightening argument, that you had found Nirvana and the scientific proof of God, no one would ever listen because from your very first line you disrespect your audience and their rules, as well as just ignoring frankly pre-school level social norms.

Last chance, my friend. - Shiranu

If you're not going to follow the rules, I'm not going to pay any attention to you. Funny, I thought Christians were supposed to be all about following the rules, yet you're always the ones to break them liberally.

We are the 'topless atheists' honey and you've lost your chance.

Gawdzilla Sama:
Spammers like to use "test posts" to see if they have a forum to abuse. I used to collect them. My favorite was "I haven't laughed so hard since I was a virgin."


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