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The growing DNC civil war

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arch warmonger:

Important points:

1. The DNC officially blacklisted and continues to unofficially blacklist political consultants working for non-establishment DNC candidates working to unseat Democratic incumbents.

2. The Nevada Democratic Party had most of its elected seats taken over by Democratic Socialist of America types, which resulted in all the executive staff embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars and then resigning, effectively dissolving the party. The Nevada Democratic Party was in the running to being allowed to hold the first Democratic primary elections, giving them great power to nominate candidates. That power is now gone.

3. A new book, "Lucky, How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency", details the extraordinary lengths to which the DNC went to stop Bernie Sanders and push up Biden, to the point of ordering candidates to drop out to unify opposition to Sanders.

Obama privately said he would speak up to stop Sanders: report

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Sanders has a lot of support, and I do remember back when one primary debate was scheduled at a time when Sanders had obligations elsewhere, and I thought it was a great way to keep Sanders quiet and out of the public eye when fans of the democratic process were thirsty for his presence.  Was this establishment Democrats monkeying with the process, or just an unavoidable circumstance?  It looked fishy, but I doubt that we will ever know.  Although, I hope we will always care.  It would be a threat to the democratic process, and as offensive as establishment Republicans trying to exclude voters from the polls.  But the media has not made an effort to examine the issue of Democratic Party insiders tampering, partly because Republicans are currently stealing all the headlines with their own manipulations to override the democratic process.  Or maybe there is nothing there.  But I'm cynical enough to believe  that there is always something there.  It is, after all, politics.

arch warmonger:
And a link I forgot to post above: DNC chair Jaime Harrison says Democratic brand is tarnished, in an obvious reference to BLM and antifa.


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