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Greetings.  I was referred to this site by another Yahoo! Answers user. 
I live in the Midwest.  I work in higher ed.  Have a MS in Education and an MA in Religious History.
I enjoy conversation about religious topics.  I don't much appreciate the religious, however.
Having an educated understanding of religion and its origins made religion itself that much easier to reject.
And to make sure there's no avatar is a joke about Trump the Deficient.
That photo is his wax figure at DisneyWorld.  It started as Hillary then was remolded into Orange Don.
ORANGE refers to his usual fake-tan pallor.  And I understand he hates being called DON. 
I just don't want anyone thinking I'm a fan of the whore-buying White Supremacist. Prison is too good for him.
I'm a happily married 55yo white guy with two post-college age kids who are also critical thinkers (thank goodness).

Welcome. Nice to have an expert in religious history around. I always wondered how anyone who studies that field could still believe a particular set of tales.

Welcome to our little place. Always good to have one familiar with the babble to keep us on the straight and narrow

Gawdzilla Sama:
Greetings. What do you think of Bishop Usher's timeline? (You may want to start a thread on that.)

Mike Cl:
Welcome!  This band of heathens can always use more.  Thanks for the intro.  Look forward to more threads from you.


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