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WTF Georgia!
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Republicans in the state of Georgia muscled through a sweeping new law that will dramatically roll back access to the ballot box in the nation’s most hotly contested battleground state.

The new law, passed by both chambers of the state legislature and signed by Gov. Brian Kemp on Thursday, is designed specifically to address the controversies that engulfed the Peach State after the 2020 election, when Joe Biden narrowly beat Donald Trump and two new Democratic U.S. senators were elected from Georgia, tilting the balance of power in the chamber.

What’s in it?
It’s a potpourri of odious measures designed to make it harder for Georgians to vote and register, and easier for fringe groups to challenge their registration. It criminalizes “line-warming” or offering food and water to individuals waiting to vote, a practice that has become popular as the Georgia GOP has dramatically reduced the number of polling places over the past 10 years, increasing the amount of time voters — especially voters in mostly black precincts — must wait in line to cast their ballot. “It’s criminalizing the normal activities you do to take care of our friends and neighbors,” Lauren Groh-Wargo, CEO of Fair Fight, the anti-voter suppression organization co-founded by Stacey Abrams, says of the provision. “When our neighbors are out there in an hours-long line and the League of Women Voters can’t go deliver somebody a granola bar.”

The new law also allows for unlimited challenges to a voter’s registration — a tactic that has been used to racially profile voters, intimidate them from voting, or knock them off the voter rolls completely. The new provision, Groh-Wargo says, is “just opening an even worse Pandora’s box of race-based, ethnicity-based challenges.”

Among the new law’s other provisions are restrictions on mail-in voting. Voters will be required to provide either their driver’s license or state ID number, or a photocopy of their identification to cast a mail-in ballot. It also bans third-party groups from sending absentee-ballot applications to voters, and ends the use of portable polling sites, like the mobile voting buses used in Democratic Fulton County last cycle.

What does it have to do with Trump?
The new law basically codifies Trump’s grievances against Republican officials in the state who resisted his efforts to overturn the election there. You’ll recall that Georgia’s current Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, became the target of Trump’s fury when he deflected pressure from the former president to “find” enough votes to reverse his loss in the state. The new law strips the secretary of state, Georgia’s top elections official, of his seat and his role as chair of the state election board, and endows the state legislature with the power to fill three of that board’s five seats — essentially giving the legislature control over the certification of elections and voting rules in the state. The new law also empowers the state election board to suspend or replace local election officials and delay certification, making it potentially easier for them to meddle with results.

How soon could it become law?
It is law. Gov. Brian Kemp signed the 95-page bill on Thursday evening, less than two hours after it was passed by both houses of the state legislature. (“In my 11 years in the legislature, I never saw a bill approved at such speed,” Stacey Abrams tweeted. “This wasn’t efficiency. Republicans want to hide their shameful actions from public scrutiny.”)

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Just one of many steps toward fascism.
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Re: WTF Georgia!
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Re: WTF Georgia!
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I am surprised anyone is surprised.
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