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cooking in a restaurant
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I did it just for just half a summer, mostly breakfast, very busy.
-The prep guy mixing up 20lbs of pancake batter hoovering over a giant steel pot with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. The ashes like snowflakes melting into the batter.
-The pre-made scrambled egg batter, 1/2 real eggs and 1/2 half-and-half sitting in a tin near the grill, one ladle=one egg. Always ask for "fresh scramble".
-The country fried steak that came frozen in a bag, most cooks just dipping it half way in the deep fryer letting it slip right out as half the bag melts into the oil.
-The giant brick of frozen hash brown potatoes, ladled with some sort of buttery oil and left on the low side of the grill all morning.
-The guy who lost a finger tip somewhere in a tray of perfectly good sliced tomatoes.
-The giant garbage can filled with water and chopped lettuce and sprinkled with some sort of oxidizer.
-The busboy I found passed out in the walk-in fridge, covered in whipped cream from inhaling the gas off the top of each can.
-That brown blur with a long tail moving across the store room when i turned on the lights...

-ahh yes..anyone else ever work in the biz?....nothin like it...I  soon found myself unemployed..

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Re: cooking in a restaurant
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During the year and three months that we stripped and rebuilt our house, I was running out of cash quick. Last half year I found a side job on Friday evenings, washing dishes in a friend's restaurant.
Never cooked in a restaurant though.
Was hard work, especially after a full work week (and nights spent working on the house) and right before a weekend full of renovating and building and hauling bricks. And for little pay.
But I liked it none the less.

Will say, it was a decent kitchen. Fresh products. No sigarets. Clean. Still one of my favorite to visit. We ordered our new year's eve dinner from them.
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Re: cooking in a restaurant
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Hard work, yes. You sure sleep good and I hardly ever felt like eating, LOL. The skill comes in handy once in a while. The local ballet school was having a benefit, a dinner show and I signed up to help cook for 120 people. After about 10 minutes they wisely put me in charge, LOL. I really feel sorry for all the kitchen and wait staff..they have really been slammed by this epidemic.

Re: cooking in a restaurant
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I have not worked as a cook of any kind, but I did work in a cafeteria at the college I attended, as dishwasher.  Hated those flat cookie sheets used to cook sausage--harder than hell to clean!  Also picked strawberries for a couple of seasons--cafeteria work was easier. :)
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Re: cooking in a restaurant
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Not quite a “restaurant” but I tended bar in a small town pub in mid Michigan, so I had to handle the drinks and cook the burgers and chicken, fries etc....I enjoying cooking for other people and wanted everything to be perfect. Got lots of compliments on my burgers. My “recipe” was not really a recipe. I toasted all the buns and left the meat on the side so the bun didn’t get all soggy before they even got it. Cheese burger were the exception, I put the cheese on the bottom for the same reason. Maintaining the integrity of the bun. Important to me, get a few strange looks when I ask for it that way though....
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Re: cooking in a restaurant
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Luckily I've never had to work at a restaurant, but I know it's a pain in the ass and respect anyone who does.