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So let's talk SETI.

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Mainly because there's this very peculiar 982.002mHz signal that appears to be coming from Proxima Centauri.  That narrow a bandwidth piques our curiosity—BLC1 (Breakthrough Listen Candidate 1) has passed a surprising number of filters to get rid of signals that have a less exciting explanation.  Add to that the fact that Proxima has a planet slightly larger than Earth in its habitable zone, and one definitely pricks up one's ears.

Of course, as Jerry Ehman, discoverer of the "Wow!" signal warned, one shouldn't "draw vast conclusions from half-vast data".

There are two huge problems with considering the signal to be an alien "hi there".  First is that it is unmodulated, meaning it's unlikely to carry data -- it's actually quite a precise tone.  Second is that it hasn't been heard since.  They're looking for it, but it hasn't recurred.  It's unknown if it actually originated in the Proxima system, or somewhere along that line of sight further away.  And unfortunately it will remain unknown until and unless they can recover the signal.

Ultimately, it's probably not aliens.  But it is a tantalizing look at how the system works when they have a signal worth looking at, how they process and judge it, and how they're careful to avoid going out too far on a speculatory limb.

five of the 30-minute observations
Well, that in itself could be some sort of AM modulation

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Mike Cl:

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I hope It's Mork - Alf is kinda scary...

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