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Catholic Church "Miracles"

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Direct question: among others, has anybody ever 'disproved' the intact tongue of St. Anthony back in Italy? Has any atheist/skeptic ever tried to?

What would qualify as 'disproving'?
Why would anyone bother?
The fuck are people worshipping a tongue for?

Isn't the onus on whoever's making supernatural claims to establish that this "phenomenon" is credible, well-documented, and worth investigation first?

Cause, I gotta tell you, it's waaay easier to make a claim than to disprove it.  Check this out: I heard from a friend of a friend's gardener's friend that a red yeti lives in the north pole.  Do you have any idea how easy that is to say versus how hard it is to investigate?  (i.e. personally flying to the north pole)

Also, I gotta ask why didn't they get a million dollars from James Randi?  Seems like easy money for someone with something legitimately supernatural on their hands.

Signs aren't miracles.  Unless you missed the stop sign, in which case if a policeman happened to be on the scene to ticket you, it is a miracle ;-)

Being kept in a church, the tongue of St. Anthony probably has Covid 19 and can't taste anything anymore.


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