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Eternal Return

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When I think about the ultimate fate of the universe.
I think about the possibility of a new big bang identical to the one we had.
If that happens. Does it means we will back and have an identical life with a score of 100% ?
If that happens. Will we have a conscience composed of the same atoms or it will be another us because it would be like a double in a parallel universe.

If the new big bang will create a parallel universe with a double of us ?

Do we live in a simulation ? I don't think so but why not. Maybe the universe is a simulation that is long to run (Calculate the time between big bang and now) at our scale but short for those who are using simulation. Maybe 1 billion year correspond to 1 hour , less or more for those who play with us if we are in a simulation.
How can we be sure we were alive 1 minute ago or if this is not an illusion created by a simulation or a division of an universe in the multiverse ? I think I was really there but ....

Article on Wikipedia about ultimate fate of the universe :
Article on Wikipedia concerning timeline of the far future :
Article on Wikipedia about simulation hypothesis :

I don't think we can have another beginning of the universe until this one is gone, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say there will be no carry over of your soul into the new universe.

At any rate, I think I recall having this conversation 50 years ago in college at 3:00 AM while smoking pot.

How is it that something sooo enormous and moving beyond itself that can only be defined mathematically to make sense is subjected to a question -or answer, expectation, anticipation- of existence, from the point of view of a species that have existed less than a second (couple of million years) in a planet with a life time of four and a half billion years, in a thirteen and a half billions year old of universe, in philosophical terms? What happens? If happens? ?

No, I don't think we live in a simulation. It's another expression of human narcissism. It's like the AI scenarios... an ultimate 'machine' so evolved by itself, it only cares about how to govern us for our good or bad, and in the end makes better warriors of us; making us heroes,lol.

It's about humans being special, over and over again. If not created as special, it is surely fucking coded as special. Or some alien made a special experiment. While the whole universe is flowing with the original material for life, drowning in fertility to create countless life, somebody surely made a simulation just to make us or in any case we are turned out to be a very -special- surprising result indeed. And surely in the future of death or rebirth of that unimaginable vastness, we would be coming back in some way.

All of them are the same bullshit. Different versions of the special creature of the creator stories.

We'll all just overbreed, kill the planet, eat each other like mice and die, perish forever. Like any other species. I swear, I'm so fucking sick of this...

Honey bees:  Be more social, be an infertile clone of the Queen
Bumble bees:  Be less social, hold my pollen


--- Quote from: Baruch on September 08, 2020, 03:50:02 PM ---Honey bees:  Be more social, be an infertile clone of the Queen
Bumble bees:  Be less social, hold my pollen

--- End quote ---

Killer Bees: Support equality, kill everything in sight...hold my beer.


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