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Why is Leftism a faillure even when it wins?

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Because it is the result of perpetually unhappy people, who can never be satisfied!  Group hatred can only be ended by suicide ;-(

Take over the ivory tower (not worth much), win few elections (they are elite fakes), destroy a few countries (Soviet Union) … but the perpetually puritanical unhappy people will turn on it.  As Robespierre found out I am unhappy, and it is someone else's fault (which eventually he was the target, not the targetee)!

Gawdzilla Sama:
I'm sure that's how things are on your planet.


--- Quote from: Gawdzilla Sama on July 20, 2020, 07:32:11 AM ---I'm sure that's how things are on your planet.

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I don't live with the Clinton-billies ;-)


--- Quote from: Baruch on July 19, 2020, 07:57:40 PM ---Why Leftism is a failure even when it wins? Because it is the result of perpetually unhappy people, who can never be satisfied!

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Politically active people, regardless of orientation, are dissatisfied. Contented people and apathetic people are not motivated to protest or work toward change. Progressive people are perpetually discontent because they are future oriented and focused not only one their own wellbeing but the wellbeing of others. Progressivism states the world must be constantly improved, to not do so is to accept inequity and injustice. I don't consider myself progressive.

I didn't really care for the video. It used far too many generalizations and stereotypes for my taste. As far as rants on contemporary society, I prefer this:

How to destroy civilization in 10 easy steps by Peter Boghossian

1) Claim that science, reason, and rationality are tools of oppression.

2) Focus on equality of outcome at the expense of equality of opportunity.

3) Teach a generation of students that being offended by certain *ideas* makes them better people.

4) “Decolonize” curricula by switching from robust epistemologies (scientific method) to radically subjective ones (autoethnography). Simultaneously, claim that anyone who has a problem with this isn’t merely mistaken but is a terrible person.

5) Sanction and shame people who have conversations across political and moral divides. Guilt by association is a particularly good enforcement mechanism.

6) Promote cultural, moral, and epistemological relativism. In other words, advance the notion that there’s no way to make independent judgments about cultural practices, moral codes, and ways of knowing.

7) Create and legally enforce blasphemy laws. This will be most effective if certain ideas are made sacred and thus immune from criticism. Bonus: Equate criticisms of ideas with criticisms of immutable properties of people.

8) Advance the narrative that what people can know is limited to exogenous, immutable characteristics, like skin color or gender.

9) Deny people healthcare based upon their income.

10) Do not provide a public education of the first rate for every citizen.

Things can be improved.  One day at a time, one person at a time.  The lie and delusion is "you can improve everything at once, if you support our political party".

In many respects, even the French Revolution was a failure, they had Napoleon to put it down.  The American Revolution was also a failure, not just because of slavery.  Even if there were no slaves, there were plenty of Indians to kill.  Even if there were no Indians, the New Englanders and the Carolinas had nothing in common.  1865 was a new country.  This is long in the tooth, doomed to fail soon.  When Blacks support the Democrats, and destroy statues to Lincoln, Black Regiment, Frederick Douglas … absurdity has taken over.  Only a civil war, with a bloodied new US, can restart this failed experiment once again.


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