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Vehicle Charging Stations
« on: March 03, 2020, 08:41:06 AM »
I recently found this ad for charging stations near by.  It's only one outfit, kind of like looking for a Shell station when all you see is Exxon.  Where I live, I would have to go father than a full charge to get to a charger, at least from this company.  Also, the add says "get 90 miles worth of charge at our stations."  300 miles would be better.

I believe this is the future, but two things need to happen.  We need more stations and affordable cars.  I believe it's well within reach, but we are stuck on oil. Gas is currently cheap, while a month ago the oil producers were limiting supplies to keep prices up, but gas got cheaper. For some reason, we aren't using as much gas as a year ago?  If that is true, I have no idea why.  It's hard to believe it has anything to do with electric cars.

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Re: Vehicle Charging Stations
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Municipal vehicles that are only purchased as … X … can seed this.  They tried with vehicles powered by natural gas, but the government didn't hang in there.  Commercial vehicles that aren't employee provided (pizza boy) can also be seeds by corporate policy, since many commercial vehicles are short trip and putting electric outlets at the government/corporate building would be easy, since that is where they are parked at night.
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