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Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

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What do you think about euthanasia and assisted suicide ?

Euthanasia is killing someone who want to die and who is able to ask his / her euthanasia.
It can also be kill someone who can't express himself / herself. In this situation the person did write he / she want to die in some situations if he / she can't express what does he / she wants.

Assisted suicide is help someone to commit a suicide.

In my country (France) euthanasia and assisted suicide is illegal.
I thinks it's problematic because I consider everybody have the right to die if he / she want to die because his / her life is unbearable for this individual. Law must change.

In the name of what authorities of many countries forbid to people to be euthanized if they want.
In the name of what authorities of many countries forbid to people to have someone to help them to commit a suicide if they want.

I want to live and I want than people have the right to die if they want.
As my choice is to live I don't understand in the name of what people who want to die can't be allowed to be killed or helped to finish theirs lives.
My choice is to live but people who don't want to live can't ask help to die.

I want to live and I have this right. But people who want to die haven't the right to be helped for that.
I consider it's an inequality. I'm in good health and I want to stay alive but those in bad health who don't want to stay alive are forced to stay alive.

I hope these questions will be debated in parliaments of countries in which it can be legalized.

Mike Cl:
I agree with you.  I think it is my right to have an assisted suicide if I want.  But I do have a built-in solution.  I am an insulin taking diabetic, so whenever I want, I can take an accidental dose (two full vials aught to do it) at any time.

I figure if worst comes to worse I can take a long swim off a short pier, maybe try to swim to China. I've heard that some doctors wear a bracelet that says "DO NOT RESCUCITATE" or "NO CODE" so they won't have to live as vegetables until the end.

self "euthanasia" is extremely easy and extremely available... and not messy at all. People forget about carbon monoxide, very available and easy and comfortable.....Helium...available at party stores near you.....and not messy....unless you quit too early...then yer a veggie....alcohol poisoning...easy and available but a tad bit of work....don't worry, you won't know about it, once you get past the taste......electricity....very easy and available but the initial is a jolt..but will never really feel more moderate temps...hypothermia....a tad uncomfortable and your brain is with you till nearly the end so changing your mind is available if you can still function enough to crawl back in the house...practically any drug can be overdosed...very simply and more than likely you have plenty of time before someone shows up to ruin your party.

You can add your favorite if you please.

I recall a guy who was looking for the least painful way of committing suicide, and came across a hypobaric chamber, where he did an experiment. He had someone else in there with him while they slowly decreased the oxygen level, and he became very giddy and unable to understand what to do to stop the process. The fellow in the chamber with him (who was wearing an oxygen mask) had to pull the lever for him.

He said afterward that he felt great the whole time he was in danger of death, and was having a very good time. He thought it would be among the best ways to commit suicide. Most of us don't have access to such a chamber, though, so we'd have to use an alternate method of achieving apoxia, the lack of oxygen.


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