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Maybe this is spam, but i am sure that you would like
« on: March 11, 2016, 09:16:05 PM »
I am a total atheist, i am against all religions, and i try to fight them when they try to enter in politics or education; I am from Spain, and i am starting a youtube channel, which for now is in spanish, but imma going to do it in english, and imma upload subtitles tomorrow in english for all my videos, what i am trying to say, is that i would love, not for fucking likes or views, because i know that i am not gonna get famous xD but i would love, really, to know what do you think about my opinion, because to talk and to debate, has been the cause which changed me from believer, and a total idiot, to atheist and a free thinker, so if you wanna to learn spanish, from spain (which is better) and you wanna also help me to think better and to realize of my mistakes, go to my channel [redacted]  or to my blog like i said, i hope that this wouldn't be spam, and i hope, obviously, that you agree with me in my video. So if you wanna learn spanish and see a guy talking about good quality stuff, check my channel! And if you are atheist i wanna know with more anxiety your opinion about myself, that's why i am here.

-Please spend a bit more time on the forum before posting self-promotional links, please.

Thank you,
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