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But getting back to the scantily clad young lady...
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Nice. A bandsaw is on my wish list. How did the previous owner fix the vibration issue?
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For those going through depression you might want to consider taking up woodworking.  It'll keep your mind occupied and give you a decent sense of accomplishment.
That is a great solution!  I use the same idea, only with computer games and reading, to keep my mind occupied.  Your solution is practical in that you have a practical item when you are finished with a project.  I don't.  But that's okay, games do keep me out of other people's hair.
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Some people are artistic with wood.  My Grampa carved a whale and a greyhound.  My Dad made an eagle (I have them as keepsakes).  I do not have that talent.  To me, a block of wood does not have a figure waiting to be released from it.

I like making practical things.  A 2 level deck.  A 200' stepped shadowbox fence.  A wall-mounted 3-tier shoe rack.  A wall mounted 3-tier hat rack.  Shelves.  A garden shed.  Framed flower and veggie beds...

I don't lack imagination.  I read and write science fiction and fantasy.  I write poems.  I write haiku.  I cat-blog.

But I am just boringly practical when it comes to wood.  LOL!
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Not woodwork, but similar, after meeting a lot of extended family at the funeral and wake of my great-aunt, I meet my second cousin once removed, who was a black Smith and artisan, who made a career out of warping and bending metalwork works of art, similar to this.

The way he described it gave me a good appreciation for metalwork and its craft.