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Re: "A war on drugs is a war on people"
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"Too Much Fun"
Solomon Zorn

The free pursuit of happiness
Leads simple folks to find,
So much of man's contentedness
Begins within the mind.

If every plant is there for us
To use as we see fit,
Then urgently we must discuss
The laws concerning it.

There are people locked in jail,
For having too much fun.
How can justice here prevail,
When they have hurt no one?

For once a drug conviction's made,
A price in years is paid.
And still the legal stain won't fade,
Because they disobeyed.

The silly prohibition goons,
Have fed us phantom fears:
That wild intoxication, soon
Will wreck what we hold dear.

Your legal alcohol has not
Destroyed society.
Consider legalizing pot,
And setting addicts free.

Worrying what drugs they're on
Should not be your concern.
They will change or they'll be gone,
So self-control they'll learn.
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