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Hi guys,

Some of you may have noticed, but the site went offline for a bit today.

Long story short it's because we needed to renew our web-hosting subscription. The rate for us yearly is about $150, which isn't too bad if everyone that can pitches in a tiny bit. Even $150 split 15 ways is only $10 per person, which isn't much at all.

Don't worry, the site isn't going anywhere, but we do appreciate any financial help we can get. If you can spare it, the link is up top in the main menu bar marked You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login, but here is the link as well. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Thanks guys!!  :88:


Gawdzilla Sama:
The sign said you don't want my money...

I got an email notification of a class action suit against Paypal. I thought that might have something to do with it. Apparently not.

A little annoying as just last week we were told everything was f-ing hunky dory.

On the way.


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