Author Topic: A /r/whowouldwin thread in which I literally become God.  (Read 1447 times)

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A /r/whowouldwin thread in which I literally become God.
« on: December 11, 2015, 05:17:33 PM »
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These were the rules:

You suddenly have an army of every character you have ever played in any game and all of their assets, how many universes can you take over?

We'll be using gameplay feats HOWEVER, you cannot use feats that YOU have not accomplished personally. Ex: I cannot use Sheogorath as my Oblivion character because I don't have the shivering isles DLC. You will only have access to things that your characters have access to, if a game ended with a binary choice you only have the rewards that resulted from YOUR choice. You also will have access to all of the resources of the universes in the previous rounds as you move on to the later rounds HOWEVER characters are not resurrected. How far will you get?

1: Real Life - You and your army appear either in orbit (if you have access to any spaceships) or in the Nevada desert at this very second.
2: Mass Effect - You appear on Tuchanka at the beginning of Mass Effect 1(with a default Shepard carrying out events but responding to your actions)
3: Lord of the Rings movies - You appear in the Shire in an open field, prior to the events of the Hobbit
4: MCU - You appear in orbit of Earth as the first Avengers movie begins
5: Marvel Multiverse - You appear behind Mars at the end of the most recent edition of 616
6: Halo - You appear behind the Master Chief in space right after he blows up the first Halo Ring
7: Xcom - You invade Earth at the same time as the Aliens
8: Star Wars - You appear behind the Star Destroyer at the beginning of A New Hope
9: The Internet - You appear in this thread and must fight through every other army and every formidable force ever posted in the history of the Internet
10: Religon - You battle every worshiped deity from Christien God to Egyptian Ra and everything inbetween
And this is how I answered:
Round 1
The full roster of the Atari Godzilla games and Godzilla (PS4) should be sufficient. If they have trouble for some reason, I'll send in the legions of Pokemon I've collected and trained over the past decade and a half. (I was one of those kids who obsessively catches and level-grinds every Pokemon he possibly can.)
Round 2
I'm not too familiar with Mass Effect, but a few hordes of Tyranids and Zerg led by the various video game incarnations of Spacegodzilla and King Ghidorah should do the trick.
Round 3
I only have the movies to go by as I haven't read the novels in about a decade. However, my kaiju army should be able to work unassisted until they start meeting dragons, wizards, and Mordor. At this point, Kirby will be called in to sneak up on Gandalf and swallow him to gain some wizard powers, whereupon he will team up with Samus to freeze the One Ring so that it may be transported to Mount Doom without being directly contacted. All 15 Godzillas from across the games mentioned in Round 1 will form a battle line and clear a path for the duo. With the biggest threats removed, Middle Earth and whatever else exists in LotR will be secured for the next round.
Round 4
I'll leave most of my stuff back in the previous round for now, and start drawing upon my playthroughs of Star Wars Battlefront 2, Empire at War (plus Forces of Corruption), the Rogue Squadron series, and KotOR. Along with all of the ships and troop types, a lot of hero units will come into play. The Battlefront heroes from conquest mode may have a little trouble since they constantly lose health and only get it back by making kills, so they will mostly have to fight mooks; assault-mode heroes will be able to challenge the MCU heroes themselves. Since I mostly played singleplayer on maximum reinforcement settings, all units will have instant-respawn and their factions will each have hundreds of reinforcement points, so the MCU heroes will not be safe from the likes of Darth Vader if they only kill him once.
I don't know MCU well enough to know if very much goes on in the rest of the galaxy, but if there is anything happening then more Empire at War units will be constructed to fan out and secure everything. They will be backed up by the Protoss, Terrans, Zerg, Tyranids, and Space Marines. Death Stars will also be deployed to deal with particularly troublesome planets like Asgard.
Round 5
I don't know enough about this to make an educated assault, so it's time to call upon my childhood. As a kid, I often played Starcraft: Brood War with cheat codes, and would play as the Protoess so I could mind-control and use all three races in the same game. So that being said, I will deploy all three races from that game, fully upgraded and equipped with the following cheat codes: operation cwal, the gathering, power overwhelming, and food for thought. "Show me the money" will be copy-pasted as fast as humanly possible. Now an infinite army of invincible units with instant-build and unlimited spells is running loose. I don't care what Marvel Multiverse has, nothing can kill these guys.
Round 6
Re-deploy all units from Round 4 to secure the galaxy, and keep the kaiju army in reserve as special forces units. Any kaiju that can survive in space will simply fly where they're needed, and the rest will be ferried around by the transports from AI War: Fleet Command. The halo rings will be secured, and whatever tech that's taking us from universe to universe between each round will be used to re-deploy them for subsequent rounds.
Round 7
Death Star from Empire at War blows up Earth. My space ship from Spore terraforms Mars and any other planets we may need, and my forces re-base there to prepare for the next round.
Round 8
Get a safe distance away from the galaxy via my FTL starships, then deploy the halo rings. Once the rings have wiped out most life in the galaxy, starships, kaiju, Zerg, and Tyranids will move in to mop up. If possible, this galaxy's Death Star will be added to my force; this way I can blow up planets using the film's constraints instead of the game's.
Round 9
Invincible Starcraft units from Round 5 will be called back in. Should we encounter invincible units, the various "kill" console commands at my disposal will be brought in to deal with them. Kaiju from Destroy All Monsters Melee will also be given all of their invulnerability and strength-enhancing cheats.
Round 10
Same as Round 9. Anyone who can cheat will cheat, and kill commands will be used liberally. Since kill commands are not limited in their use in most of the games I've used them in, even supposedly "unkillable" gods will be vulnerable to their use. If possible, however, I will try to use my superior shows of strength to cow as many gods as possible into submitting to my rule; particularly the various incarnations of the Abrahamic God. Once I get at least one Abrahamic God on my side, I will force him to give me omnipotence, then kill-command everything and re-make the multiverse in my image.
Checkmate, atheists.
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Re: A /r/whowouldwin thread in which I literally become God.
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2015, 06:34:13 PM »
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Re: A /r/whowouldwin thread in which I literally become God.
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2015, 06:54:12 PM »
Your legend, "Finally, my brilliant plan is coming to fruition!" comes to mind. :D
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