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Come and knock on my door......
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Of Sitcoms/God and false perceptions.......

I recently stumbled on a TV station that specializes in shows from the 70s and 80s of all types. Well after a few reruns of Three's Company this past week, it gave me insight as to my, back then subconscious skepticism. Misdirection is a common tactic in script writing, in comedies, dramas and action shows and cop shows. I know that now, but I didn't back then. But how we fall for a script on a show, in real life can be understood in how we think we see what we see and we find out they really are not what they think they are. In a very evolutionary sense.

We are pattern seekers, and that stems from prior life we evolved from. But life doesn't always have the time to slow down and check what we observe, evolution is always seeking survival so our brains evolved to gap fill. Sometimes the guess we make works even if that guess isn't based on anything real, but simply pans out to our advantage. The antelope does not always have time to assess if the African plain tall grass is mere wind swaying, or a lion stalking them. Some times that guess can also lead us to injury or death.

God belief is gap filling. It is an argument from ignorance. It is nothing more than the human desire, for the comedy to end well in 30 minutes, or the cop drama to end with the bad guy getting arrested.
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