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The Wisher (a short story)
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I wouldn't call this a hobby per se, but I like to write poetry and short stories now and then. Tonight, I wrote this...thought I'd share here with you all. I shared elsewhere, I wish there was a giant forum where all of my e friends could congregate together. lol

The Wisher

Once upon a time, there was a girl who spent a lot of time wishing her life away. She wished that she had majored in journalism in college, and had become a well-known author. She wished she had dated the nice guys instead of the bad ones, and maybe she’d be married to a most wonderful man right now, with kids and a white picket fence. She wished she had competed in a marathon, instead of always training for one. She wished she was less vulnerable and braver…then for sure all of her dreams would come true. She wished she traveled the world, and spoke a variety of different languages…so she could be more interesting and eye catching to the opposite sex. She wished she had gone out of her way to help the homeless, instead of writing checks and mailing them off, not seeing where the money went. But, wishing…it went to the cause that she wished it would help.

She would look up at the stars, wishing she was one herself. She wished she had owned a farm, so she could serve the community with fresh organic produce. She wished she had not spent so much money on dumb things that have no real value. She wished she had prayed more, and questioned less. She wished she had been a better friend, a better lover, a better sister, a better daughter.

One day, this girl realized something rather astonishing. She had been wishing all of her life to be someone else, instead of appreciating the roads she had traveled, the distances she had walked, the bumps she had stumbled over, to get to who she had become. And she might not have been become an author, but she loved to write. She might not have competed in a marathon, but she loved to run. She might not have been the best daughter, sister, friend or lover …but, she did the best that she could. She was vulnerable and yet brave. And, she dabbled in different languages, enjoying the journey of learning them.

One day, this same girl went for a walk with her best friend. Her friend talked of all these things that she wished she had become during her life, but had never accomplished. She described her friend, the girl who wished her life away, and the girl looked at her with tears in her eyes, and said…’’why are you saying these things to me?’’ Her friend smiled and said…’’I say these things, because I’ve always wished that …I was you.’’ And they hugged…for what was probably the longest unrecorded hug…in history.

No matter where you happy with who you are.  And how far you have come.
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