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How many times do we have to present statistics of Bible Belt states that show the highest rates of rape, pornography use, lowest rates of literacy or continual efforts at stopping funding on birth control, abortion and practically anything progressive that is stifled by the religious mindset? All you have to see what is going on in Mississippi and North Carolina and Indiana right now to see the heart of the religious in action. It is regressive, backward and contrary to anything forward moving and progressive.

What part of the most religious people are the most backward do you not understand? I know you are trying to say there is perhaps some churches that are progressive, but they are in the minority. Catholicism still preaches abstinence birth control, still forbids birth control and abortion, still forces women with defective babies to carry them to term- where exactly is the progress in that? A Pope who benignly says we shouldn't pick on the gays but gay marriage is wrong? Still insisting in not using birth control in Catholic dominated countries, outlawing abortion of Zika virus infected babies in Brazil and elsewhere. Did you not see all of that occurring?

The core activities of religions across the board is for self sustaining and maintaining staus quo. There are a few churches that do what you claim, but the point is that en masse, they don't. The potential might be there, and that would be positive. And perhaps that will occur down the road, but frankly I don't think so. Fundamentalist Christian Nationalism has become more entrenched and more strident over the last couple of decades, not less so. I'm sorry but I could not disagree with you more.

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Re: Southern fried religion
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My point isn't that they do good or bad, only that they are a tool used to propagate and facilitate communitas and social concepts. My gripe is not about the wrong or rightness of their actions but rather the implication that they don't have social and communal power when they do positive things, that they only have that power if it's something we dislike.