Author Topic: Should threatening people with eternal hell-fire be regarded as hate speech?  (Read 5483 times)

If I threaten you to throw in your face my stockpile of radioactive super purple monkey shit in your face for all of eternity would you think it hate speech or just plain stupid?

Now we're into 'cruel and unusual punishment'.   :twisted:

Also, if it isn't hate speech when a religious nutjob tells me that I deserve to suffer eternal torture, then it's not hate speech when I tell them they're an inbred brainless bigot and precisely where they can shove their bible.

BOOM!   :72:

Typically, religiotards have that propensity for flinging their own brand of bronze age crap at others, then cry foul when other people take a strong stand against them. Twats.

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Hate speech strikes me as an odd term.  People hate other people.  They call each other names.  Now some group has come up with a term "hate speech," like it's OK to hate someone, but a line needs to be drawn when it is vocalized.  But if your wife tells you she hates you, that's not hate speech.  It's just a report of her current emotional state.  If it's just one person being a verbal dick to another, this may not be hate speech, either.  Clearly, determining whether hateful speech is actually hate speech, depends on who is saying what to whom.  This requires a debate in Congress.  We also need to look into "Talking about someone behind their back speech," to determine if this should be allowed or not.

"In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group"

 It's more than just calling others names, it's as it says above, encouraging hate towards them. In fact one could use very little derogatory terms and still  incite hate.
 "Those people over there are all jerks !"  , is not hate speech imho

"Those people over there , they shouldn't' have the same rights as we do !"  is hate speech imho.

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After listening to Rush Limbaugh for years and years, it's hard to imagine at what point ugliness crosses over the line into hate speech.  Some politicians build their careers on it.

Hell? It terrifies me.
We 'new atheists' have a reputation for being militant, but make no mistake  we didn't start this war. If you want to place blame put it on the the religious zealots who have been poisoning the minds of the  young for a long long time."
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Hell? It terrifies me.

Which is the entire point.

Is this hate speech?

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