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CrucifyCindy ... yes, vegetarians are the ultimate "you never expected this" threat.  Hitler was a vegetarian too.  It is the watermelon seeds you swallowed, they are still inside you!  Did you ever see the Japanese film, "Attack Of The Mushroom People" ... said to compete with "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes" as worst film of all time.  But I have to admit, mushrooms are fungi ... maybe they are the overlords of the Pod People.;topic=8261.105;last_msg=1088593

In America, ketchup is considered a vegetable in the food triangle for school children ... maybe that is part of their diabolical plan!
Ha’át’íísh baa naniná?
Azee’ ła’ish nanídį́į́h?
Táadoo ánít’iní.
What are you doing?
Are you taking any medications?
Don't do that.