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What do numbers have to do with marketing? Lions and tigers and giraffes ain't numbers either but that doesn't seem to slow Apple down any.
Yeah, but Apple at least has a reasonably consistent system, even if you can't tell by looking at it which order they came in.  I can't believe in 1995 no one looked ahead and said, "You know, numbering it this way, in eight years we'll have to release Windows 03 and we've already had a Windows 3."

On second though, yes, I can believe no one at Microsoft looked ahead and noticed that.  They haven't kept a consistent numbering system for more than two versions since dispensing with DOS.  And if you open a DOS prompt in Windows 7 and type ver, it tells you that you're running MS Windows 6.1.<something> -- it's not even consistent within a single version.

There are only two words to describe Microsoft's version numbering system(s), and the second word is "up".  There are times that I suspect the MS sales division does this weird shit just to prove that they have the marketing muscle to get away with it and for no other reason.

Meanwhile, I continue to be amused that if you combine Windows CE (Compact Edition), Windows Me (Millennium edition) and Windows NT, you can get Windows CEMeNT.
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Geeks tend to be so intelligent. And yet so many of them never seem to realize that OS bashing only makes them look like an idiot in the end. Its like the geek equivalent of a your mom joke.
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