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Adam Savage on the Blade Runner blaster
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I love that he nerds out so hard on these. I love seeing people who are really into something. It gives me hope I could be as passionate about something someday.
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I used to get that passionate, but it's been battered out of me.

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I was nerding out on Star Trek today so I can relate.
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Blade Runner was a one of a kind movie.  I'm surprised Hollywood hasn't attempted a sequel, but the stars in the sky can only come into the sort of alignment once, I suppose.  There was a period of about 10 years after that movie came out where it was my opinion that all science fiction movies began and ended with Blade Runner.  When I think about it, the storyline was probably above average, but the movie depended on so much more.  You could re-shoot the whole thing again using the same script, but with different directors, actors, and cameramen, and just end up with another forgettable film.

There was an intellectual quality about it.  The script was executed with a dramatic delivery that was uncanny.  It's like every actor just happened to show up on the best day of their lives at the same time the movie was being shot, and each managed to put on their most believable performances of their careers.  Sometimes I wonder if the special effects of the last 20 years have served mostly as a distraction.

In bigger cities, you could actually attend discussion groups devoted to understanding the film.  But it wasn't like some kind of David Lynch film, where there was nothing understandable about the movie.  Blade Runner had lots of thought provoking ideas that you could make sense out of if you wanted to spend the time.