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Drawings, paintings, digital or oldfashioned. Here's a place to share it.

Drawing used to be a big part of my life, and because I have a 10.1 inch android-tablet and a bamboo-one drawingtablet for my PC, I decided to buy Sketchbook Pro for both platforms. The android version costs but a tenth of the PC version, but will take more getting used to. It's brilliant for making abstract pieces, even if you've never drawn before. Just combine drawing aids with different special-effects brushes and throw in some mirroring if you want.

I love the flexibility of manipulating seperate layers. Pencil, pen and ink were so messy. And rotationg the canvas (PC version) is great during inking. And you end zooming in and out A LOT.

To get aquainted with the tools I'll likely use the most I watched this tutorial (PC version) ... NmgbMNijMR
and got cracking

-I downloaded a spiderman-sketch, and lowered the opacity to a lighter gray.

-Started a layer on top of that, to do a rough tentative inking job. With digital art you do the inking with a 6B pencil instead of ink. If you've ever done real inking, that might make you giggle.
-Replaced the sketch with a green background (a contrasting colour to make it easier to spot later colouring errors)
-Placed a layer in between the background and the inked Spidey. Because of this I could do a sloppy job filling in the blue, cleaning things up with the hard eraser afterwards.
-A seperate layer on top of that (still underneath the inked Spidey) for the red.
-Locking the transparancy on the two middle layers (the foreground colouring) allows me to apply shading to Spidey, without being able to mess up and colour outside Spidey's body.
-Made the background light blue, and airbrushed in some whites and greys to suggest clouds.

-Using the same "lock transparancy" trick I can also make the ink-work look fancier, and plan on improving the background (maybe something with skyscrapers to test out the digital rulers).

Here's two cartoons I did a while ago using Artrage2

I expect to do better with my new software. Stay tuned.

This was a really quick exercise (matter of minutes). No borrowed sketch this time. This one done with the android-version on my tablet, and that means fingerpainting. With the zoom function that's still remarkably flexible.

The dog started out as a bland brown sillouette . Again using the "lock transparancy" trick on that layer I added shading (airbrush) and highlights (pencil). On a second layer I drew in the collar, eyes and nose with pencil. Finally I added a background layer, airbrushed in a grey shadow, and picked out a special brush for the colourfull backdrop.

I draw on paper - with a pencil.  (then I ink it later)

Soooo old.  I'm so old.  :rollin:

Jason Harvestdancer:

A painting I did of a woman I am deeply devoted to.  This painting was a present to her.  Oil on canvas.


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