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But I'm not going to be lectured over a White Castle.

True story. About 1977-8 I was building a restaurant addition in Lapeer Michigan and the owner was talking to me and some of the guys. The conversation somehow turned to White Castle and I and a couple other guys said we never heard of it. He was quite surprised as they were pretty popular in Detroit. So about two days later he pulls up around 10 and says "jump in" so we drive to the little airport, we jump into his twin engine cessna and off to Detroit metro where he has a car that picks us up, we go pull into a White Castle pick up three dozen, back to the plane and in Lapeer in a about and hour in a half, burgers still steaming.

White Castle is kinda like a burger treat, a neat taste, like the original sliders, very tasty, but not something I could do day after day. Last one was around 09 when the kid graduated from boot camp in Illinois. Good again….thats how i like WC, once every 10 years.
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