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Re: On Rules
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ooh, getting right to the passive-aggressive meta-debate!
LOL That's like number 8 on the list of different ways to troll.

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Re: On Rules
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no kidding... in their minds, the debate goes like this:

troll: "Do you rape your mother?"
AF: "uh, what does that have to do with anything?"
troll: "see, i knew atheists were dishonest mother-rapers that cant even answer a simple moral question!"
AF: "uh, okay, then.. no, i dont rape my mother."
troll: "HA! morals can only come from G-D, so in admitting that you dont rape your mother, you just admitted that god exists and that you get your morals from Christianity! I WIN!!!!"

i've seen that juvenile line of questioning a million times. Hell, i probably used it myself when i was a kid.
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