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Denouncing Pseudo-Christian Myths
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Re: Denouncing Pseudo-Christian Myths
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I am sure those who need to cling to ancient superstitions will find in interesting. As most of us are ex-xtians we know the "jargon" quite well. Welcome to the forum, unless your just posting your book in which case this thread will be eliminated rather quickly. Have you given any thought as to the Hindus' multiple gods take on the same subjects? Why you could essentially write the same book to cover the tens of thousands of gods they have.
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Let me guess; you believe you know just how god thinks, and he happens to think just like you?

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Re: Denouncing Pseudo-Christian Myths
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Right. You took a step back and viewed these topics from a wider view and came up with these conclusions. Now take a step back and see the whole religion from a wider view. Now take another and see that religion itself is flawed and full of holes.

Like aitm said, many of us came out of Christianity. Try looking at the whole fabric instead of bits and pieces.

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I just spoke with God concerning your book. He'd like you in His office tomorrow morning so He could provide His corrections.
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Of course Christians often act in an unChristian manner.  They aborted Tiller in the 267th trimester, did they not?

That's pretty late-term, I think.
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Re: Denouncing Pseudo-Christian Myths
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Quote from: "andy.alder"
If he walked among us today and met a raped or single woman who had made a decision to have an abortion procedure, would he advise her to keep the pregnancy? If he attended a symposium and met a group of doctors and scientists, conducting experiments on human embryos and fetuses, would he advise them to stop it?

Erm... Goodness.
Your god aborted his only sibling at the age of 33 or something... Ever considered that?
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Re: Denouncing Pseudo-Christian Myths
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Quote from: "andy.alder"
Welcome !
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AAAAAAHHH!!! A CHRISTIAN! EVERYBODY HIDE! *Jumps over bar counter, breaking hundreds of dollars worth of beer and infuriating the bartender and several redneck drunks*
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