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The Girl That Saved My Life
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To all you young people that think you are immortal please read this story and watch the video. The woman on the left saved my life after knowing her. I thought I posted this already but can't find it. I met a girl when I was around 42  at a rock and roll party my friend in a band invited me to, and she told me she was J J. We hit it off right away and talked for hours drinking beer.

 I told her I had been a professional musician when I was 15. She said she got a guitar from her parents when she was 14 and started an all girl band. She was a pip, very secretive and boyish. I told her I was Butch and had a band named Big Daddy, or The Crazy Cats. She never heard of me or the band. I had no clue who she was because I never listen to music, and if I did it was Classical. She said she did Rock and Roll and was moving toward Punk music.

It was New Years Eve and at Mid Night I told her, doesn't everyone kiss for New Years? Well we got in a lip  lock that was heaven on earth. She backed away quickly, and I felt terrible, and she said, "not like that!" And I felt worse. She grabbed me hard and kissed me hard with tongues touching with just the tips caressing so gently---that it seemed like eternity. All at once a girl about my size came unglued yelling at me that I was a faggot. I don't know why when I had eye liner on and mascara around my eyes, and a short Mohawk, and dressed like a biker in leather and chains. I looked very similar to this guy at the time, with a short Mohawk though. She probably thought I was a girl---boy was she surprised when she found out it wasn't a strap on. He! He! It didn't matter though. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Long story short, I still think of her every day and will never forget her and the time we spent together. I recently got into a very bad funk when I happen to come by a video of her singing in a video she gave my friend to give to me, a video called: I hate myself for loving you. I found out she is nondescript and likes girls more than boys, but is not particular. Anyway, I was into every hard drugs then, and she had quit doing hard drugs, or any drugs, and talked me into quitting hard drugs becoming a semi-vegetarian, while she is a vegetarian.  We both love animals and nature, and found out we both had wanted to be archeologist or Astronauts as kids, and we both sky dived.

Please watch this video if you are into hard drugs or thinking about it---this is no bull shit!  I realize as a dirty old man I had a wonderful and wild life living like each day was the last, because some day it will.

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