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Vulcan and Cerberus win Pluto moon naming poll

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Linky.  Nothing's official yet - they still have to be officially named by the IAU - but chances are good that Vulcan might be a heck of a lot closer than previously thought.  (suck it, 40 Eridani!)

And there's also Cerberus.  Sensing a bit of a Greek underworld theme?

<--- finally knows the neighbors' names   :-D

Size comparison:

Pluto is tiny, Charon is tinier, and the rest of Pluto's moons aren't even big enough to worry about.  It's pretty cool that we even know about them at all.   =D>

I missed my chance to get my vote in, but I can go with Vulcan.

I didn't know Pluto had a moon. How about Plato?

Those are the two I voted. Sweet.

*Insert Star Trek pun here*


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