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Went to the McNay Art Museum
« on: September 15, 2014, 02:47:56 AM »
Didn't get too many pictures because alot of it was, "Please, no photos"... but the gallery I could get photos in was pretty cool too. There were several original Picasso's that I liked that I couldn't get pictures of :\.

(Just a side-note, all pictures were taken on my new LG G3 phone since my old one died... and holy hell, this phone has a RIDICULOUSLY beautiful screen and camera.)


The atrium... my god, I want (and have since I was little) a house with an atrium and a pond/fountain.
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Three of Renoir's (IIRC) works...

And favourite bellow...

Bonnard (I love the colours in this)...

And finally some van Gogh...


I loved this place, so many French artists (as McNay was a huge fan of). And on the way out got to eat some Moroccan food from a food truck and holy hell was it delicious.

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Re: Went to the McNay Art Museum
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I visited my cousin in San Antonio. He was a good host, and would have taken me there if I had asked, but I didn't know about it.  It wasn't something he would not have thought about on his own.  He was more of a Nascar person.

When I lived in Chicago, I used to frequent to the Art Institute Museum.  Even at the age of 13 or 14, I would go there on my own and marvel at the paintings.  I'm not sure what draws people to artwork, but I know what it feels like to be drawn to it.

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Re: Went to the McNay Art Museum
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If van Gogh's pieces are not seen in person they are not appreciated like they should.  Some of his paintings look like they were done with jewels. The Art Institute is a must see. I used to visit it often when I went to the American Academy of Art not far from it. I wish I had gone to school there instead.  I hate commercial art that is taught at the Academy. I think illustrations are terrific, but I'm more into the creation of liberal fine art that is not so conservative, but rebellious.

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