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Crocoducks! Woot!
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Paging Kirk Cameron: Scientists discover ‘Crocoduck’ fossils
You guys! Remember that time Kirk Cameron went around smugly talking about how evolution definitely was not real because there was never any such thing as a “Crocoduck“?

The crocoduck, much like his partner Ray Comfort’s intriguing theory about how God is real and evolution is not, because bananas fit in our hands, has come to be a symbol of just how deeply these idiots don’t understand how evolution works.

But check it out! You know that giant dinosaur everyone was talking about yesterday that was just discovered? Spinosaurus aegyptiacus? Well, guess what–scientists are describing it as “half duck-half crocodile.”

From The Verge:

This is “the first water-adapted non-avian dinosaur on record,” said University of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno in a press conference yesterday. Sereno is part of a team of researchers that was finally able to reconstruct Spinosaurus in full using newly discovered fossils and information gathered from the dinosaur’s initial discoverer, a German paleontologist named Ernst Stromer. According to their reconstruction, published today in Science, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus was a gigantic fish-eating, water-paddling marvel; one that, in Sereno’s words, was “a chimera — half duck, half crocodile.”


Also, for what it’s worth, the Spinosaurus isn’t the only intermediary species described as being halfway between a duck and a crocodile. The extinct Anatosuchus has been nicknamed the “duckcroc” because of it’s duckbill-like mouth combined with otherwise crocodile-esque features.

There are also the Pelagornithidae, an exctinct species of “bony tooth” birds that have also been considered something of a duck-crocodile chimera.

So there you have it, Kirk Cameron! Sorry these species don’t look exactly like that skillfull photoshop of yours, but what can you do?

Makes no difference. You could drop this guy into a tub of dinosaur shit and he still wouldn't get it. Kirk Cameron: God's answer to, uh.......... :think:

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Re: Crocoducks! Woot!
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Still dinosaur kind.  Nice try, evilutionists.  :razz: