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I'm not a skiier so you can color me prejudiced. Driving south towards Jackson Hole, you can see a north-facing mountain with a big strip down the side that is a ski run. I grew up and lived near where Sundance, Park City and other ski resorts have since been built. My family used to hunt deer on what is now private property owned by Robert Redford and posted for no hunting.

I don't mind game preserves and protecting wildlife, but to do so after defacing a mountain with ski runs and buildings seems kind of hypocritical to me. Areas once wild are now the domain of wealthy people who have their seasonal dwellings built on what was once wildlife habitat. I am a "soft" camper, using a tent to preclude the need for facilities to service RVs or dump stations for trailers. I pack out the small amount of waste we produce and leave a pristine campsite. Invariably the camp is cleaner when I leave than when I arrive.

Re: Your Basic National Park Trip
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Absolutely FANTASTIC pics there Strom.  The one early in the morning with the sunlight on the mountain is my fav.  Oh shit, i used caps! 
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