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Good Lord! I just went to youtube to check it out, and it's hilarious indeed!

The guy in the trailer I'm watching is trying to give his dead brother a good old Viking send off, putting him on a raft filled with wood, pushing it out into the water and shooting fire-arrows at it to burn it up. But he can't hit the damned thing! Everyone's standing around looking embarrassed by this idiot trying again and again to hit the raft, but his arrows keep falling short! Finally the thing is too far to even shoot at, so he makes some lame excuse and walk off.

I think I'll check out some more of that if it keeps being that funny.

Heck I might as well post it:

Missing the boat with fire arrows sounds rather realistic...  I bet it happened often enough to make the idea mostly symbolic.  LOL!
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Re: TV Series Thread
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Love, Death and Robots. - Netflix 

Super! Don't miss it. 

It's a series of around 10 min, various style, independent animated stories. 


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