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Recently, DC put out You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.  This time, they showcased DEATH, everyone's favorite perky goth.

It was surprisingly good little short about a struggling artist and the love of his life.  Let's just say that things get heated.

Go watch it now.  You'll have the time of your life.  You know I did.

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Re: TV Series Thread
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Catedral del Mar, Netflix

So far, I give it a very high 9/10. It takes place in 1300s Barcelona, and follows the story of a serf/citizen stone carrier during the construction of the cathedral. Of course it is highly dramatized, and it takes place during a very dark time in Barcelona's history; despite being at the peak of their power it's also a time when the aristocracy had far too much power (which lead to famine), the plague struck and war was a regular occurrence.

It is in Spanish, but one benefit of that is it is a truly "Spanish" production; it's not a Spanish film trying to be an American drama, but a Spanish film exploring the extremely horrible conditions and social structures of feudal Espana... and it does not shy away from depicting the physical and mental trauma of living in such an era.

Really great series so far, halfway done so we will see what the second half brings.

Also on my to watch list is, "Casa de Papel" (Bank Heist being the English title)... a modern-day bank heist series set in Madrid which, again, is meant to appeal both to Spanish culture rather than American generic as well has found mass appeal across the Mediterranean and Latin America due to it's condemnation of abusive capitalism. It's become one of the most streamed series on Netflix.

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I just saw this episode of The Amazing World of Gumball called "The choices." It is one of the greatest episodes in cartoon history, IMO. The premise is pretty simple. The mother of the main protagonist, Nicole, is driven to the point of insanity by her chaotic children and husband. So she tries to imagine how different her life would have been if she never met her husband, going through every possible scenario of that day. The ending is what really drives it home, though. They manage to balance humor with heartwarming tearjerkers. While I, and probably most of their young audience don't have families, I imagine the ending is very relatable to those who do. The show in general seems like it was written for adults, but was made PG so that kids could watch it, and I absolutely love it.
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Re: TV Series Thread
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Just started Syfy/Amazon's, "The Expanse", apparently based off of a Hugo award nominated series of the same name.

It's been really good so far; some hints of the Terrans from StarCraft, some noir/hardboil investigator themes, Cold War themes between Earth and Mars (with the "Belters" [asteroid belt miners living much like how we treated our miners on Earth a hundred+ years ago] as a sort of third-party proxy), very high quality production...

I was just starting to get into Casa de Papel, but I think I might restart that series once I finish The Expanse. It's been years since I've really watched a sci-fi series or even read a sci-fi book, whereas my entire life up till about 24 was almost exclusively sci-fi stuff. The fouth season comes out this December.

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Re: TV Series Thread
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I've seen a couple of episodes of The Expanse, can recommend.
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My brother is a big fan of The Expanse.  For some reason, it never quite clicked with me.

I dunno if it was the space mormons or the cockneyed accents or lack of characters I can identify with or bizarre internal logic of the show, but something about it felt very off.  It's weird, I love space operas of all stripes and especially ones with vicious power struggles between different factions like this seems to be, so this should be right up my alley, but for some reason, it's not.

I've seen a couple videos about the Martians and based on what little I know about them, they seem like my kind of people.  (I hope that's not an inadvertently damning statement)  The Martian navy seems particularly impressive - relying on a relatively small number of high tech ships, which matches my style.  Donnager class ftw.
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Re: TV Series Thread
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I've been watching Bojack Horseman. Never realized how bloody good this series was. Maybe at the time I just had my fill of adult animation from south park to family guy to simpsons to american dad and king of the hill that this one just slipped on past me. Strangely now, I find myself drawn into this series maybe more today when I would have 5 years ago. I find the characters and their stories more relatable then most over stuff on tv today.

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I think its the whole theme of the fictional world bojack lived in his tv life, being completely subversive to his real life and the day to day shit he deals with, makes me think of my own life and how there isn't really a happily ever after like in tv or stories, but just a series of ups and downs as you go though life.
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Re: TV Series Thread
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Watched the 4 first episodes of Watchmen. It's kinda boring, but I'm just sticking with the series just to see what happens to Adrian Veidt and his little happy place. The rest of the story is kinda bland, yet unpredictable, as a matter of just throwing story twists into the mix.
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