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Come to think of it, there is no reason to assume most dimensions of the multiverse would even contain our Earth.

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Patrick Stewart is working on a new Star Trek series with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

I'm so pumped about this!  Imo, Star Trek has been sliding downhill since DS9, a decline that arguably started during DS9's last season.  Voyager had its moments, but imo never topped TNG/DS9.  Enterprise was wretched, and Discovery...I've already forgotten it existed.

This new series could be that shot in the arm the franchise desperately needs.

And one of the best things about this series is that we'll finally get a show that isn't a prequel!  Admittedly, I'm assuming this.  But how else could you bring a semi-noticeably older Picard back on screen?

I'm also hoping that it serves to pass the torch to a younger character, like in Batman Beyond.  Old man Picard works with a younger apprentice.  The wise old man gets the command choices, while the brash youngster has to handle the action scenes - a perfect melding of the old (strategy, diplomacy, hard choices) and new (pew pew pew, running around like a spaz) styles of Trek.

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The final episode of the final ST series will review that all the episodes were just a spazzed out holodeck malfunction.  I told Commander Data to stop messing with it!

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Kim Possible on the Disney Channel.  Love it.  Saw the "Graduation" episode twice and cheered both times.
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