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Netflix announced MST3K Season 12!

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Re: TV Series Thread
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Descendants of the Sun is on Hulu... after Taboo, that will be next.

Taboo: Pretty fucking good. Set in Victorian London, psycho get's caught in a 4 way corporate war between the East India Company, the Crown, the States and his own self interest. Tom Hardy is great. Would recommend if you like gritty period pieces and corporate/political scheming.
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Re: TV Series Thread
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The Walking Dead 8x7

A very odd episode with a lot of questionable character moments.  But hey, we at least got to see some much-anticipated action and things finally change a little.

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Just finished watching Midnight Sun on Hulu.. Very well done series from France and Sweden staring Leïla Bekhti.. Very good and hot Algerian born actress..also watched Below the Surface from Denmark.. Much better series than 99% of the crap produced here..
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I am looking forward seeing to "Peaky Blinders" season 4.  Currently being broadcast on BBC, it will be on Netflix later this month.  I am re-watching season 3 in anticipation of the new episodes.
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The Walking Dead
Season 8 mid-season finale

Goddamn it, Gimple.  You done messed up.

This show has gone downhill a little lately, but it's had its moments, so I've been letting things slide.  And shocking deaths are a big part of the appeal this show, but there's a way to do that correctly.  This wasn't that.  It didn't pull the heartstrings, it just made me roll my eyes and wonder aloud if the writing staff was composed entirely of walkers.  It didn't shock me, it just disappointed me.

And I've been singing the praises of All Out War to my brother, who's kinda iffy on the show.  It's such an amazing part in the comics that any decent adaptation would make for fantastic TV.  I sound like a crazy person when I tell him how amazing this scene or that scene will be on TV because what actually makes it onscreen is such a pale imitation of the source material that, well, I sound crazy to be so rapt in anticipation.

The TV version has steadily lost a lot of what made it a great drama.  Unless it rekindles that magic, it's in for a swift decline.  And while this isn't the first crack, it is the first breach in the wall.
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And now for something completely different, a joke that made my day.  Hell, probably my week.