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Re: Any gamers around here?
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been playing this a lot lately, such a relaxing game. Even though I'm meant to buy and resell houses I kinda tend to keep several of them and keep coming back to redesigning them.
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Re: Any gamers around here?
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Does anyone play settlers online?
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Re: Any gamers around here?
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Been playing more Endless Space 2 lately.  That game is a time machine.  It's practically impossible to finish in a game in a single day.

I've been upping my game, playing on normal.  Don't laugh, "normal" is more like hard.

Well, if I really push myself, I can expand fast enough to beat the AI to endless riches and then trounce them.  Or I can get hit with setbacks and fall behind.  It's kind of a crapshoot.

The game is polished and playtested like crazy, but I will never for the life of me understand why the hero skill system is such a mess.  Heroes can govern planets or captain fleets.  Every skill you take is going to improve only one of those two things.  The levelup screen is a cluttered mess with both skill types jumbled together.  And worse, sometimes you run out of governor skills to take, so my alien senator Aberoham L'colin is apparently really good at planting claymores, not that it matters since unless his ass is in the Oval Office, the economy will implode and my citizens will be eating mud pies for dinner.

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