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Hi yall,

Just joined a week or so ago. Been lurking to get the feel of the place.
Please excuse any spelling or non punctuation. I went totally blind last year from diabetic ret. been getting shots in both eyes have  very little sight in right eye none in left.

Both my parents were both athiests.Dad was career Air Force, 56-76, he never felt the need to hide it. We 3 kids were taught that the current world religions would one day be considered myth as is all the other religions.

They sent me and my brother to sunday school on a church bus so they could have alone time, but we were back home within an hour, because I kept telling the sinday school teacher that she was wrong.

Throughout my life I have never hid my unbelief even tho Im swimming in a sea of fundies here in this less than 1000 people in Texas.

Thanks for listening

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Welcome, I hope you enjoy yourself here.

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Welcome aboard Aurelia! Nice name. I think you will fit in here just fine. Solitary
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Afternoon Aurelia an welcome...
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Welcome to the forum! If you are intending to come to this summer's annual baby roast, remember that it will be BYOB (bring your own baby)

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Pushed wrong key on my ps.  My name comes from Julius Ceasars's mothers.


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Welcome to our batch of heathens!
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