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Re: How to defeat all religious arguments.
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I disagree with this.

I was a theist, and I was reasoned out of my belief. I'll bet quite a few on this forum were reasoned out of their beliefs.

Matt Dilahunty, Dan Barker (ex-pastor), Theresa McBain (ex-pastor), Jerry Dewitt (ex-pastor), Hector Avalos (ex-Penticost preacher), Micheal Shermer, all former believers, now atheists, reasoned out of their theistic beliefs.

Not all theists are the wackos we get here.

Agreed. I studied my way out of Mormonism with no real assistance other than what I discovered by myself, but I had some research skills to start with. Critical thinking is not limited to atheists, and as previously mentioned, the majority of atheists came out of religion.