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Re: The Case for Theism
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I think if Drew is exiled to the Purgatory on AF, it will be fun to visit him as one would visit a prisoner. But I think he won't stay there. He will just create a new account and call himself DrewAgain or some such name and he will resuscitate his old posts one more time. That guy is not just an idiot. He is a brazen idiot.

AF should force him to declare details about his God so that we can blaspheme the little devil whenever we're irritated with his obtuse refusal to address our arguments. If he's Muslim this is my most effective antidote to an irritating Muslim (but I suspect he's a Christian):

الله خنزير

This should be hung at the doorway of every mosque.

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Re: The Case for Theism
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I can Google Translate too.  But I have studied Arabic and the culture and religion and history that go along with it.

Don't be a swine-hundt ... that is Pr126's job ;-)

Re: The Case for Theism
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a gibbon with a head injury.

I'll have to remember that.....................
Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent,
Is he able but not willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able or willing?
Then why call him god?

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Re: The Case for Theism
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The 39 Articles dismiss purgatory as a papist superstition or words to that effect. Maybe it's transubstantiation which is a papist superstition - I don't remember. But it's the idiocy of Roman Catholicism. As if it wasn't bad enough that Christianity invented heaven and hell, the dumb papists had to cook up one more place. If only humans were blessed with a higher intelligence than what we see in dumb theists. Most of them like that Drew sock puppet have an IQ no higher than that of a gibbon with a head injury.

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I care as little about your apparent protestant views as I care for catholic ones, hindu ones, norse ones, mithraist ones, or islamist ones.
Atheist born, atheist bred.  And when I die, atheist dead!


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