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The Warp Tour of Cognitive Dissonance
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This family’s struggle to balance their faith, while also accepting their son’s sexuality, is at the center of a new film Families Are Forever.

Uh huh. Families Are Forever is a "grass roots" movement among the LDS (read: "suggested" by an anonymous General Authority)

Finding nothing that would help her, she turned to the medical community and learned that homosexuality was not a choice but an identity. Eventually, she came across research from the Family Acceptance Project and learned she didn't have to choose between her faith and her son.

"It felt like a ray of sunshine in the middle of the darkest period of my life," said Montgomery. "It gave me hope."

Her husband agreed: "You can't just leave some void for a young child to [think], 'God doesn't have a plan for me anymore,'" Tom Montgomery, 41, says in the documentary. "I need to fill him with purpose. And give him, show him, this is not the end of the world, this is the beginning of your world."

Mitch Mayne, an openly gay active member of the Church of Latter-day Saints who currently holds a priesthood leadership position in his congregation in San Francisco, helped develop the Project's intervention kit – films and research materials – for Mormons like the Montgomerys, who were struggling.

And so on. Note that at no point in this entire narrative is anyone actually looking at the church itself as being the problem. No one is coming to the conclusion that the religion is the source of the problem.

According to an ABC report, Jordan is now a Boy Scout working toward his Eagle Scout badge. The Mormon church has accepted the BSA policy to allow openly gay youth. Because Jordan is not sexually active, he holds “an Aaronic priesthood in the church, which means he can pass the sacrament in a ceremony akin to a Catholic communion.”

So little Jordan can be gay but he can't be gay.  :think:
Help me out here. How does one do that?

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Re: The Warp Tour of Cognitive Dissonance
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Ignorance is not bliss like the saying says. These people's value judgments are as fucked up as every other religion that values religious dogma more than their own flesh and blood. Only religion and military training can do that by using the same tactics: we tear you down to build you up to be what we want you to be, so help me God.  :butt: Solitary

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There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.

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Re: The Warp Tour of Cognitive Dissonance
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Read the comments. They are exactly as I would expect, some pointing out the obvious and other defending the church as not a cult. Exmormons invariably point out the church as the problem, members decry the criticism against it. Cog dis runs deep.