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Re: Do animals "think"
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I'm pretty sure animals think, but I don't believe they spend a lot of time pondering their place in the universe or "what it all means."  Thinking I see as being on a scale from one to ten.  Dogs are on that scale, although I hesitate to identify an exact number.

Well, somewhere some ape had a thought that got it to "1" on the scale.  Which leaves dogs a bit below "1".  Cats, of course, start at "3".  Just ask them.  ;)

But seriously, I wonder what the first thought beyond animal level was.  There had to be one.  "Burned gazelle in forest fire taste good"?  "Hey I'm naked"?  "Me call me Gorg"?  I'm pretty sure it wasn't "Hey, is there a deity"?
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Re: Do animals "think"
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Probably they do think on some level, but not abstract thought beyond very simple if-then situations.  My cat Althea knows that if she sits quietly while I'm preparing food, then she will get a treat.  And she can differentiate between me (with whom she interacts) and my roommate (with whom she doesn't).  But I don't think she has a sense of self in the way humans do.  There are times she seems surprised to discover there's a tail attached to her.
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Re: Do animals "think"
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It depends on the animal. All animal brains are not created equal, obviously.

Re: Do animals "think"
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It is obvious that they can think when looking at the organisation of hunting of some animals -for ex. lions and wolfs-... And they can learn... Of course when compared to us their ability to learn is very little but at least enough to survive in the wild. If some of us as a group who grow up in cities was left in the wild, we wouldn't succeed in surviving...As pets wouldn't... Because they don't learn to live in the wild... But they can learn if they grow up there... It means they have ability to learn and think...